Brown Color – Make Your Living Space Powerful

The brown color belongs to neutral secondary colors obtained by mixing red, green and blue (the ideal ratio is 56: 43: 23%). This is also the secret why the brown color perfectly matches all the other tones from the spectrum.

Brown or brown is an earthy color that is often encountered in nature and symbolizes strength, stability, warmth, and comfort. Because of the heat vibrated by darker tones, it is considered the color of autumn and winter. Often people are perceived as a natural, conventional and terrestrial color, although certain nuances can work extremely sophisticated. It is also used as a more comfortable and milder replacement for black. Brown color associates to something edible, pleasant and tasty, so a large number of people this color is synonymous with chocolate or coffee.
Combined with green color makes it an overtime combination of earth colors that relates to recycling and environmental protection.

Brown is also a color of simplicity. Its darker tones leave an impression of decency, wealth and comfort, such as chocolate and coffee, while gentle and brighter (beige, white coffee, cappuccino …) are an ideal backdrop for combining with more intense tones.

Interior designers simply adore the amount of creativity provided by the neutrality of brown tones, so they often encounter in both residential and business environments.

Explosion of neutrality of brown tones on the wall

Brown color is often characterized as a boring and monotonous color with no character. But this is only if you do not know its true nature and the fantastic possibilities of combining with all the other colors in the spectrum.

By creatively fitting with other tones, you will avoid conventionality and create different ambiences in the space that will at the same time act as an impenetrable vintage and contemporary style.

You can get an intimate atmosphere and the effect of a sandy beach with a skillful combination of white with brown shades. This compound is an excellent choice for dining rooms and living rooms, as well as a foundation that gives the room a brown and orange.

Freshness and a modern look of brown tones bring light-colored details, and the female note gives the interior a lovely color of lavender. Kitchens just in these tones will often be encountered in the world’s space styling magazines. A classic look in the space can be obtained with a combination of red and brown. As both are dark and absorb a lot of light, this design is recommended in well-lit rooms. Extra light can provide light-colored and creamy shades of walls and ceilings, and this kind of powerful and unusual design is often encountered in men’s sleeping rooms.

The Right Colors For Your Apartment Renovation

When you adapt the apartment, you have the opportunity to change something from the root in your apartment. And what is the greater the change from changing the color of the walls? Of course, the layout and the new furniture are counting on you. However, we are not always able to buy new furniture and new items in each adaptation of the apartment. So this may be the simplest and perhaps the cheapest way to bring some changes to our home.

Colors are very important for our space, for our feelings, for our mood. You are not even aware that some colors can have a bad influence on you and contribute to the development of depression, of course in combination with many other factors. Our home, our house, should be the most pleasant place for us. A place where we feel free, a place where we try to find a certain peace, after a busy and difficult day.

Choose a mild purple and brick color for the living room.

The colors of this season will be purple and brick colors. If you are thinking about the adaptation of the apartment in the coming period, you should consider these two colors. So, for the living room, it would be best if you choose mild colors, but try to avoid those simplest and most commonly used colors such as white and beige. It’s time for your room to be a little different from the one you’re used to. Why do adaptations stand still and serve? If you change only what the naked eye does not see, you will not have the impression that you have really changed something. Bright colors may be the most popular color of this season and colors that will make you feel happier and more energetic. In addition, it fits easily with almost every furniture. The mild purple color can calm you if you are nervous, but also relax.

When you adapt your kitchen, combine two colors. The kitchen should be chosen according to the kitchen elements above all. When deciding on certain kitchen elements during the adaptation of the apartment, then start thinking about color. In this case, it is allowed to be white, but there are also some orange or shades of slightly red. The colors of the kitchen should be as calm as possible. What else you need to think about when adjusting the apartment in question is the layout of kitchen elements and the choice itself. It’s important to fit in with colors, but it’s important to choose the appropriate elements that are not bulky and which will not ruin, nor “eat” your space.